Volahanta Raharimanana

Volahanta Raharimanana

Visualization is a mental image created in the mind and is similar to a visual perception. Visualizing can be connected with success. When you visualize a situation, you imagine in advance what you would do, what you would let happen in the near future to succeed. Then, you will be able to know where to start and what to do until you reach this success. If you want to be successful in your work, you just need to imagine how you would proceed to get to it. You think of some steps to be followed to achieve your work with perfection. From that, you may feel a wish to excel and give your best to succeed in your job; that may also be a very good motivation for you to fight until the end.

Visualization relates to health success too. In a situation you are facing illness, you can imagine yourself in advance being healthy or getting the perfect medication that will help you recover from it. Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., gave a similar example in his article entitled “The Art and Practice of Visualization”, published in Psychology Today. In his article, Dr Goldsmith teaches people about how to turn that visualization into action when they meet health issues. “If you are having surgery, imagine it going perfectly, hearing the doctor say "this is going great," and see your recovery going well too”, he says. Try it out and see how easily you will be able to overcome your disease.

While reading this article, you may already imagine and think about some techniques to enhance your visualization skills. So, here are three tips to help you get into the process of visualization.

Visualize before taking on any action.

Think of what to do before performing an action by always taking into account the consequences of any act that you take. Ask yourself whether it will bring you to success or not, and whether it will be fruitful for your work or not. After dealing with your inner questions, you can then start acting.

Take visualization as a simple step to follow.

Do not spend time on it like spending too much time on meditating. Just find a comfortable place and sit down by imagining a situation you want to make happen. That will help you focus on the most important points and truly make things happen.

Simulate in your mind the situation you want to come into existence.

The more you allow details to operate in this simulation, the better the simulation will be and become more realistic. As your mind simulates the outcome of your action, simultaneously, your brain starts also to perform to assure you to achieve your goal.

Source: Psychology Today

Voniary is a Malagasy blog writer, passionate about personal development-related topics.

During this time of the spread of Covid-19, and the lockdown, she decided to write a book entitled “Raiso an-tànana ny fiainanao” which means “Take charge of your life”.

This book is a collection of 20 articles from her blog named “Blaogin’i Voniary”. These are texts that essentially help people to develop themselves, to always be optimistic, to be ready to face any problem and get up again in case of failures, to know how to enjoy life, to have stillness and peace, and to increase self-esteem. As most of Malagasy people are currently undergoing unfavorable situation, it is then good to take time to read this book.

Voniary was one of those people who met trouble in the beginning of the lockdown but reading her blog gave her courage to face it. “There is somewhere, someone like me who needs support and encouragement. That is why I took the initiative to write this book”, she uttered. She also wants to expose winner’s mindset and positiveness in her book. At the same time, there are also motivating messages that are conveyed so as to provide guidance for those who want to start a career as an entrepreneur, those who want to fulfill their dream, for people who want to grow, to stand firm, to succeed and to live freely. Further, this book contains glossaries about personal development and positive mindset as well as Malagasy and French translation on its first pages.

Voniary and her journey with personal development

She is well-known for her involvement in promoting the Malagasy language on the internet through the “Teny Gasy 2.0”event, the Malagasy blog article writing contest, and the training “Blaogy sy teny Malagasy” which means “Blog and the Malagasy Language”. She also shares empowering messages about personal development.

She is a real fan of every motivating and inspiring contents and actively follows various blogs that deal with positive mindset and empowerment. She particularly loves motivational talks. In 2016, she decided to create her own blog in which she started to write on this subject and continues to focus more on.

If you long for reading her book, go to the website lulu.com or click on this link https://bit.ly/3697Qz3 and buy it online. You can also order directly and buy it on her Facebook page “Blaogin’i Voniary” and pay it by mobile money. The book only costs 9,000 MGA for the electronic version in pdf format whereas the hard copy is 18,000 MGA.

Every April 22, we celebrate a very special day, that of our home-planet Earth. Earth Day is an occasion for people around the world to show support to the planet also known as “Mother Earth or Mother Nature” by engaging in an environmental protection-related cause.

Each year on this date, a theme is designed to mark the day. The theme for this Earth Day 2021 is “Restore Our Earth” that aims to find other innovative ways to address climate change through focusing on natural processes, emerging green technologies, and brand-new ideas that can build the world’s ecosystems up again. Earth Day was first observed in the US since it was established in 1970 by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson with the purpose to encourage American people to protect the environment. A few years later, it has gained in influence and since then has become a global day. Currently, there are more than one billion people in 192 countries who take part in the global action associated with the protection to the environment and participate in Earth Day activities and events each year.

Earth Day 2021 events

For this D-Day, the US President Joe Biden is expected to convene a virtual Leaders Summit on Climate in accordance with US plans to address climate issues. Right after his inauguration in January, President Biden delivered a speech about climate change and how the US government is going to tackle this issue by making it at the center of American domestic, national security, and foreign policy. He insisted on advancing conservation, revitalizing communities and cities and on the farmlands; and above all securing environmental justice.

As far as the overall unfolding of the event is concerned, Earth Day 2021 celebration will run from April 20 to April 22. It starts today! Indeed, it is a three-day event dedicated for climate action. Throughout the event, three virtual summits will be held which consist of workshops, panels, speeches, discussions, special messages and performances. One of these summits that will take place today, April 20, is the global youth climate summit led by Earth Uprising – a team of youth climate activists from all over the world who unite to take action and demand a better future for themselves and future generations – in collaboration with other non-profit organizations and other hundreds of youth climate activists.

Let’s restore the earth!

If you cannot attend the digital event, there is still another best way to honor Earth Day. In fact, restoring the earth does not only come down to attending a three-day summit or event. There is more! It is about being committed everyday to showing support to the planet we are living on and always doing the best to restore it. So we invite you today to join us in these few simple eco-friendly actions, provided by EARTHDAY.ORG, to prove how much we care about our mother earth:

• Spend time outside and try to pick up trash while enjoying your outdoor activities.
• Be part of the change by changing your diet to fight climate change.
• Stop deforestation by supporting companies that take an active role against it.
• Organize your own cleanup or do it with small groups to positively impact your community which then will contribute to global change.
• Take action to combat plastic pollution.
• Spread the word and talk about climate change around you and across the globe.

 Sources: Share America / earthday.org


Living one’s passion to become successful is like paradise on earth. Is there anyone who does not dream of that? Would you be ready to give everything to live your passion while working and enjoy all the benefits?

When you live your passion while working, you will increase self-confidence. You know that you love what you do, so you perfectly know how to deal with it. Everything will be alright for you as you know where to start and how to reach success in your job. You are comfortable on living your passion and freely express yourself on it. From that you are able to live a life that is acceptable to you, a life in which you will never undergo any pressure from your friends, from your relatives and from the society. You can then freely focus on yourself and on your way to success.

Living a passion will reduce your stress level and will hasten your success. Like in all jobs, you will have to face stress but while living your passion, you will have to encounter less stress because you do what you love. That will increase your motivation to work hard. It will make you enjoy your work. You will not fear failure and difficulty. What a relief!

Live your passion and you will see a fulfillment in the work you do. You will not have to follow the society’s concept which consists in “working to live”, but you will work to live your passion. You are free to give power and time to your passion and that will lead you to success. In that case, you will get the joy of living your passion at anytime instead of just planning a time to live your passion.

Live your passion and later, when you review your life or when you have a conversation with your future children, you will be proud for having lived your passion. You will not regret having pursued your dream and worked at the same time.

Live your passion in order to expand your comfort zone. You will not have to give everything up to live your passion. You work and live your passion at the same time and you will see how good it will be to you. It will make you try new things, become more creative and successful too. Yes! You can live your life and your passion while pursuing new adventures on the side. That will make you more successful.

Sources : Forbes/ lifehack.org

“Stress” seems to be the most frequent word used when talking about daily life. People always try to find the best way to manage or to overcome it. For this time, would you try to increase your emotional intelligence? You will have a low stress level if you have a high emotional intelligence level. That will help you identify your feelings, those of others and finally to react accordingly. Here are three tips that may help you increase your emotional intelligence and reduce stress at work and at home. These beneficial tips have been recommended by Dr Russell Clayton, who is an instructor in the Muma College of Business of the University of South Florida and the author of Balancing Life: Seven Strategies That Can Help You Achieve Work-Life Balance.

 Think, first, about emotional literacy that consists in putting feelings and emotions in the right place. Know the right way to use your feeling in a specific situation. Act well when you have to; and even if people are behaving badly to you, try to show them a positive attitude at all time and you will not be stressed.

 Then, consider how you could develop your empathy in order to increase your emotional intelligence. Recognize and understand how others feel. Take time to listen to others without interrupting them. Let them express their feelings freely and you just wait patiently. That will relieve your stress; and from this way, people surrounding you will believe they are treated with fairness and respect.

Take emotional control into consideration. In case of a struggle that may cause stress to you, always take control of your emotion. Take a deep breath and think twice before acting. Think about what will happen if you lose the control of your emotion. Ask those questions to yourself: “Will that bring a good outcome to me?”“Will that reduce my stress or toughen it?”“Will my behavior be profitable or profitless?” Also take a break for you to be like reset from the situation that stressed you. Think of doing something that will not remind you of your problems and struggles. Take action on a situation in which you have control.

Above all, do not forget that for you to manage your stress, you will have to take time to practice those tips. Develop your emotional intelligence and you will see that you will become less stressed at work and at home. You are capable of understanding that if you are less stressed, you will get more success in your daily life. The more you increase your emotional intelligence, the less you will be stressed and irritated. So, choose today to take in charge of your life by applying these three useful tips from Dr Russell Clayton.

Source : Psychology Today

Taking a salaried job is still the most common way to earn money and survive in life. However, there are other options. Let’s consider freelancing.

When talking about a freelance job, people often relate to it as when you work in a short-term contract basis for several different companies; yet it may generally refer to a job on which you can build your own empire by becoming your own boss. Indeed, working as a freelancer may help you to be more prolific in life as it provides many advantages. As a self-employed person, you have more freedom to set a plan for a more dedicated job, in any area of work which certainly meets more your expectations and needs, and most importantly you feel passionate about. At the same time, you can choose any work that matches you the most or that you find to be in conjunction with your personality and personal values. Your flexibility and freedom in time and choice allow you to become what you wish for according to your predilection fields, experiences, and skills. You can become a freelance writer, a freelance photograph, a freelance designer, and suchlike.

Nevertheless, freelancing is not for everyone. There are a few misconceptions about it. Most think that freelancing is an easy job that only consists in being self-employed workers who do not need to follow any restrictions nor any commands from anyone. They think that they can do whatever they want without any challenges and continuously get paid. In other words, they assume that they could do it with their eyes shut. Unfortunately it is far from being an easy work, contrary to common beliefs. Freelancing can be a very tough work for beginners. These are some proven hard realities about being a freelancer that people need to know before deciding to take on this path:

1. The dream is not what it seems. As a freelancer, you need to work hard so as to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams because it will not always be “la vie en rose”. You have to work your fingers to the bone.

2. Underselling oneself is all too easy. Sometimes freelancers face situations that lead them to undersell their talents and capabilities. They may deal with clients who are too demanding in terms of work pay, leading freelance beginners to undervalue their skills.

3. Defining one’s skillset is a big deal. As new freelancers start out, they may struggle with defining their skillset since they compete with many other freelancers who are also trying to show up in the freelance job circle.

4. Burnout is a real danger. A freelancer’s life can be stressful. At some point, freelancers may find themselves at their lowest and darkest times.

These are only a few of the challenges that freelancers must overcome when starting a career where competition is fierce. However, despite struggles and hardships, they just start, and it is up to them to choose to continue or to let it down. However, this does not necessarily mean that everyone will cope with these challenges to live a successful freelancing experience. That is the case of Samà David, a freelance translator in Antananarivo, who shares his experience of work with us. He has been working as a freelancer for two years now. He makes contracts with clients and works for them for a specific time. He keeps planning his work and sticks to the plan he has set. David reveals to have never found specific difficulties on being a freelance translator because he loves his job and always persists on doing the best to excel in it. Now, he plans to offer more services apart from translating.

 Sources: success.com/ bidsketch.com / Envato Tuts+

Like a house that has good foundations, students need self-discipline to be successful. Self-discipline is the act of disciplining one’s own feeling and behaviour in order to reach a certain goal in life. Self-discipline is not a skill that people acquires in birth but they got it as they trained themselves to it.

How does self-discipline generate academic success?

To succeed, students need to discipline themselves in some point of views. In fact, they have to change all the habits that maybe an obstacle to their success. For instance, students have to learn time management. They can draw a timetable for their studies and all the other extra activities they undertake. As a result, they can automatically know how much time they can spend to review their lessons, to read books and to practice everythingthey have learnt.

Students have to train and discipline themselves to hard work too. They have to change all the unsuccessful habits that led them to failure. Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States and one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence, uttered: “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” This quote can be used to draw students’ attention to train themselves to give their best to their studies. They do not just have to content with what the teachers and professors give them, they have to make a lot of research too.

Students have to discipline themselves to be courageous at all time. They have to make themselves do what they should do, and deal with their fears rather than avoid them. So, for them to succeed, they have to discipline themselves to be courageous and to go beyond their capacities. It is possible to make efforts to face with all the challenges that may come to them.

What benefits can they get from being self-disciplined?

Success will be guaranteed and goal will be reached for self-discipline students. Indeed, they will get more things done than before and even will get things done faster too. Self-discipline will help them acquire greater sense of self-control, self-reliance and personal power. Students will become more self-confident and proud of themselves and they will never have to fear failure and rejection anymore. They will be more persistent in overcoming obstacles until they reach academic success

 Source: Brian Tracy, “The Miracle of Self-discipline”

World Health Day is observed worldwide every 7th of April. Every year, World Health Day is associated with a special theme that tackles and solves a special issue related to global health. As an international observation highlighting global health awareness, it is a special day that is really worth knowing and celebrating. The theme for 2021 World Health Day is “Building a Fairer, Healthier World”.

It is no secret to all of us that Covid-19 has hit our world hard and drastically impacted our communities causing wide social and economic disparities. This has been the main reason why the World Health Organization chose this theme for this 2021 celebration. WHO noticed that the pandemic has increasingly made the world unequal in a way that there are people who continue to live healthier lives and have access to good quality health services while others struggle with poor living and health conditions, which are entirely due to the conditions in which they are born, grow, live and work. WHO thinks that this is unfair and that it must be seriously taken into consideration.

On this date, WHO is intended to organize a campaign that will highlight its constitutional principle that “the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition”. For this purpose, WHO wants leaders from all over the world to take initiative in spreading this global health awareness day through working together, collecting reliable data, tackling inequities, acting beyond borders, acting on the social determinants of health equity and gender equity through monitoring and working on human rights. These are to ensure that everyone has living and working conditions that are conducive to good health and that all people are able to access quality health services when and where they need them. Indeed, WHO defines the word health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely an absence of disease”; hence it is committed to ensuring that everyone, everywhere, can realize the right to good health. On this April 7, the unfolding of the entire event is going to take place online. A live video will be broadcasted by World Health Organization South-East Asia Region – WHO SEARO with a special focus on countries in the Western Pacific which have known a rapid economic growth, migration and urbanization; yet their peoples fail to get the same opportunities to better live healthily and decently, an inequity that is especially triggered by the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A brief historic on the inception of World Health Day
The 7th of April is also the anniversary of the World Health Organization founded in 1948. That year, the 1st world health assembly was held and decided to dedicate the 7th of April of each year as World Health Day. It was only in 1950 that it took effect worldwide, celebrated around a specific shared theme. The aim of WHO when creating this annual observance day is to raise awareness on a specific and meaningful health topic each year and to make this topic as a priority of concern throughout the world. If 2020 World Health Day was dedicated to the nurses and midwives who were at the forefront to cure people contracted by the coronavirus, this year, it will focus on the elimination of all kinds of inequity caused by this pandemic.

Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

Have you ever experienced strange phenomenon like when you raise your eyes to watch the clock and you notice the hour and the minutes reflect the same numbers or point to reversed hours? Furthermore, could that be a coincidence to repeatedly come across such similarity and synchronicity in time and number?

There are people who believe that their guardian angels want to communicate with them and that they try to send them divine messages, whereas for some these are only a cock-and-bull story. Somehow, whether it is true or not, such a phenomenon remains a mystery and as it is so, it needs to be unraveled and solved.

What are mirror and reversed hours trying to tell us?

By definition, a “Mirror hour” is an hour with double figures made up of numbers which match those of the minutes, 12:12 for instance. Instead, a “reversed hour” shows two numbers inverted, like in 12:21. Both mirror and reversed hours may be interpreted like a heavenly sign. When people see regularly similar or reversed numbers when looking at the time, it may be believed that there is a spiritual force like a God, an angel or a divinity who wants to convey a message to them. In this case, they feel like they need to pay close attention. As a matter of fact, it is sometimes associated with a sort of calling for a divine mission. Yet, be careful since it may be a kind of warning sign as well. At the same time, as it occurs at any time and unexpectedly, it can be tied to both numerology and astrology according to which it may be equally interpreted. Here are some examples of mirror and reversed hours with their respective meanings:

12:12. If you see this double figure featuring the number 12 more than once, it may probably not be a coincidence because this mirror hour 12:12 is assumed to be loaded with great mystical symbol. It is linked to the sacred texts of the three main monotheistic religions: Jewish, Christian and Islam. In fact, this mirror has a strong connection with spirituality. As such, its significance with the Guardian Angels shows that you have a close link with the spiritual world through which you have acquired a certain insight or clairvoyance that enable you to enhance your divinatory arts. The guardian angel corresponding with 12:12 is Aniel. He symbolizes bravery and the divinity. In numerology, 12 plus 12 equal 24, a number that is considered a positive symbol. If you took on a project requiring rude efforts and you continue to perceive this mirror hour, that means your efforts are going to pay off soon and be hugely fruitful.

12:21 is a reversed mirror hour that also has its own significance. Indeed, it holds a specific message to the person who comes across it more often. The message the guardian angel named Haamiah wants to convey is to warn the person of some bad people around him or her and to advise to avoid such toxic people. However, Haamiah also wants to ensure concerned people that he is always there to help them assert themselves and enjoy life. As far as the numerology is concerned, this reversed mirror which gives 33 in a total value has been found to have very powerful energies. It says that it is a number that instills courage, optimism and enthusiasm. Therefore, no matter what the person may undertake and despite what people may inflict on him/her, he/she is blessed, loved, and supported. He/she can always count on the valued support of his/her guardian angel.

These are only examples, but there are still many numbers – either mirror or reversed hours – that hold each specific messages. It is up to you to see if you want to believe or not and if you feel like wanting to check their meanings.


Source: mirrorhour.com

Located 90 km south of Toliara, Tsimanampetsotsa National park is a 432 sq.km reserve that lies on the south-west of Madagascar in the Atsimo Andrefana region.

The park gained its status as a protected site in 1927 thanks to its rich and unique biodiversity with remarkable endemic fauna and flora. Then, it became a national park in 1966. The site is so exceptional that it has been registered within the Ramsar site or as a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance in 1998. Its landscape encompasses an important wetland known as the lake Tsimanampetsotsa that fits well with its xerophytic vegetation and its singular animal species. The Lake is a saline and quite shallow water located in the heart of the park and extended over an area of approximately 6,000 hectares. The water is highly mineralized and moderately alkaline with a ph value of around 8. It is also the only lake saturated with lime sulphate that now exists in Madagascar (ramsar.org).

Apart from the known salty lake that is part of the nature reserve, there are other zones that compose Tsimanampetsotsa National park which include Mahafaly plateau edge and Mahafaly plateau. The Mahafaly plateau edge is at the foot of Mahafaly plateau which is in the east of the lake basin and where an abundance of calcareous cliff with vegetation made up mostly of shrubs and caves with freshwater are present.

A rich biodiversity with a high rate of endemism

The park is home to many endemic endangered species. 72 species of birds are spotted, 40 species of reptiles and five species of lemur. The lake is home to two vulnerable species of birds: Charadrius thorasius (vulnerable) and Phoeniconiais minor (almost endangered). The Mahafaly plateau – the area of a large deposit of underground water and species – shelters the vulnerable bird Coua Verreauxi as well which is considered almost endangered by the Red Book of Birds.

The rare blind fish “Typhleotris madagascariensis” dwelling in the unenlightened cave of Tsimanampetsotsa is also visible in the area. Other animal species that can be explored in the site include the lemur species “maki catta” and the radiate turtles (Geochelone radiate).

As far as the flora is concerned, the park nestles numerous endemic plants. Indeed, the reserve of Tsimanampetsotsa has been estimated to have the highest level of plant endemism in Madagascar, with 95 percent endemic species. There are 185 species of plants from 65 families, including the Octopus tree from the member of Didieraceae family, the flowering plant species “Delonix regia” belonging to the Fabaceae family, and the majestic baobab from Malvaceae family which measures up to 10 meters long.

Activities available in the park

The park abounds in circuits that are accessible to visitors. Hiking, trekking, and cave diving are the most common activities that the park offers. You can try up to five circuits, which enable tourists to discover the breathtaking landscapes of Tsimanampetsotsa nature reserve along with its diverse exceptional wildlife species. These include: the Andaka circuit, the Andalamaike circuit, the Andranomaike circuit, the Emande circuit and the Tsiamaso circuit.

To reach the National park of Tsimanampetsotsa, take the NR10 heading to “Faux Cap” which passes directly by the park. No way to miss it! Indeed, it is both accessible by car and boat from Tulear and Anakao.


Sources: Madagascar National Parks / ONTM / Ramsar sites Information Service

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