Book release: “Raiso an-tanana ny fiainanao” by Voniary

Thursday, 22 April 2021
The hard copies of the book "Raiso an-tanana ny fiainanao" The hard copies of the book "Raiso an-tanana ny fiainanao" Blaogin'i Voniary

Voniary is a Malagasy blog writer, passionate about personal development-related topics.

During this time of the spread of Covid-19, and the lockdown, she decided to write a book entitled “Raiso an-tànana ny fiainanao” which means “Take charge of your life”.

This book is a collection of 20 articles from her blog named “Blaogin’i Voniary”. These are texts that essentially help people to develop themselves, to always be optimistic, to be ready to face any problem and get up again in case of failures, to know how to enjoy life, to have stillness and peace, and to increase self-esteem. As most of Malagasy people are currently undergoing unfavorable situation, it is then good to take time to read this book.

Voniary was one of those people who met trouble in the beginning of the lockdown but reading her blog gave her courage to face it. “There is somewhere, someone like me who needs support and encouragement. That is why I took the initiative to write this book”, she uttered. She also wants to expose winner’s mindset and positiveness in her book. At the same time, there are also motivating messages that are conveyed so as to provide guidance for those who want to start a career as an entrepreneur, those who want to fulfill their dream, for people who want to grow, to stand firm, to succeed and to live freely. Further, this book contains glossaries about personal development and positive mindset as well as Malagasy and French translation on its first pages.

Voniary and her journey with personal development

She is well-known for her involvement in promoting the Malagasy language on the internet through the “Teny Gasy 2.0”event, the Malagasy blog article writing contest, and the training “Blaogy sy teny Malagasy” which means “Blog and the Malagasy Language”. She also shares empowering messages about personal development.

She is a real fan of every motivating and inspiring contents and actively follows various blogs that deal with positive mindset and empowerment. She particularly loves motivational talks. In 2016, she decided to create her own blog in which she started to write on this subject and continues to focus more on.

If you long for reading her book, go to the website or click on this link and buy it online. You can also order directly and buy it on her Facebook page “Blaogin’i Voniary” and pay it by mobile money. The book only costs 9,000 MGA for the electronic version in pdf format whereas the hard copy is 18,000 MGA.

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