Get whatever you want in life through these simple visualization exercises

Saturday, 24 April 2021
It is the mental image you create in your mind that is called visualization It is the mental image you create in your mind that is called visualization

Visualization is a mental image created in the mind and is similar to a visual perception. Visualizing can be connected with success. When you visualize a situation, you imagine in advance what you would do, what you would let happen in the near future to succeed. Then, you will be able to know where to start and what to do until you reach this success. If you want to be successful in your work, you just need to imagine how you would proceed to get to it. You think of some steps to be followed to achieve your work with perfection. From that, you may feel a wish to excel and give your best to succeed in your job; that may also be a very good motivation for you to fight until the end.

Visualization relates to health success too. In a situation you are facing illness, you can imagine yourself in advance being healthy or getting the perfect medication that will help you recover from it. Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., gave a similar example in his article entitled “The Art and Practice of Visualization”, published in Psychology Today. In his article, Dr Goldsmith teaches people about how to turn that visualization into action when they meet health issues. “If you are having surgery, imagine it going perfectly, hearing the doctor say "this is going great," and see your recovery going well too”, he says. Try it out and see how easily you will be able to overcome your disease.

While reading this article, you may already imagine and think about some techniques to enhance your visualization skills. So, here are three tips to help you get into the process of visualization.

Visualize before taking on any action.

Think of what to do before performing an action by always taking into account the consequences of any act that you take. Ask yourself whether it will bring you to success or not, and whether it will be fruitful for your work or not. After dealing with your inner questions, you can then start acting.

Take visualization as a simple step to follow.

Do not spend time on it like spending too much time on meditating. Just find a comfortable place and sit down by imagining a situation you want to make happen. That will help you focus on the most important points and truly make things happen.

Simulate in your mind the situation you want to come into existence.

The more you allow details to operate in this simulation, the better the simulation will be and become more realistic. As your mind simulates the outcome of your action, simultaneously, your brain starts also to perform to assure you to achieve your goal.

Source: Psychology Today

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