CEERE: They are young, they are entrepreneurs, they make things happen!

Wednesday, 24 February 2021
Fanilo Rakotonindrina and CEERE members during the 2020 "Espace Jeune Entrepreneur". Fanilo Rakotonindrina and CEERE members during the 2020 "Espace Jeune Entrepreneur". CEERE

A look back at CEERE’s first ten years.

CEERE (Students Entrepreneurs Club – from the “Rendez-vous des Entrepreneurs”) was created in March 2011 by young entrepreneurship enthusiasts. The association emerged from the famous “Rendez-vous des Entrepreneurs”; a monthly roundtable held at CITE Ambatonakanga at that time. At the very beginning, CEERE was made up of a few students from different universities in Antananarivo, thirsty for entrepreneurial challenges. The association aims to equip its members with the necessary tools to start a business through trainings, events, and networking. Quickly, CEERE made a name for itself within the youth community and has kept growing since its creation. Today, CEERE has branches in Antsirabe and Fianarantsoa, and has recently opened the latest one in Toamasina.

In March, CEERE will celebrate its first decade of being a major player in the promotion of youth entrepreneurship in Madagascar. The identity of the new president who will lead the association for the next two years was revealed last Saturday. CEERE members have elected Lucky Andrianirina and a new board. As the sixth president of CEERE, he succeeds Riveltd Rakotomanana Haja (2011-2013), Mino Andriamijoro (2013-2015), Miora Rasolonjatovo (2015-2017), Gilberto Herimanarivo (2017-2019), and Fanilo Rakotonindrina (2019-2021).

Testimony and message from immediate past president Fanilo Rakotonindrina.

“Before becoming the president of CEERE, I was in charge of the trainings; and being a member of this association was one of the greatest adventures I have ever experienced.

Juggling with many different activities at the same time, working in a multicultural environment and under pressure helped me to shape a leader’s mindset, broaden my horizons and knowledge and develop my soft skills.

During the course of my term as president, I spared no effort to realize three big events to promote entrepreneurial culture among youth. Today, I am also extremely proud that we have been able to open a new CEERE branch in Toamasina, the economic hub and capital of Madagascar.

I firmly believe that entrepreneurship is a good pathway to solve our contemporary problems. Truly, our country needs more youth initiatives like CEERE. As we all know, investing in youth is investing in country’s future. The more initiatives like this there will be, the more youth will be empowered.

I urge all young people to join clubs and associations like CEERE. It is a great way to grow personally. Teamwork and networking with people from different backgrounds were just some examples of good things I have experienced through CEERE.  As members, we are sharing values. As time passes by, we become more than a team, we become family, and CEERE just goes far more beyond a simple club.”

Today, CEERE has around 200 active members, including 2021 registrations.

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