Children artistic awakening and environmental education: ALFA Madagascar and painter PONK work hand in hand.

Monday, 07 June 2021
Children artistic awakening and environmental education: ALFA Madagascar and painter PONK work hand in hand. Vani Sukii

The collaboration was initiated by Lucas Sergio Andriananja, known as PONK, the famous wall painter whose works can be seen in almost every corner of Madagascar, especially in Antananarivo. In the past, PONK gave many drawing and painting classes for various projects. His main inspiration has always been the creative exchanges with children.

"My life goal is to pass on the culture and traditions of my country, to exhibit and raise awareness of the reality of Madagascar through my paintings." – PONK

Many of PONK’s mural paintings are visible in Antananarivo. From 2015 to 2018, he had been working with Jamerla Koonaction to embellish some city areas and schools, including the Ampefiloha and Ankorondrano areas, Dzama company, Marie Stopes NGO, humanitarian association CRS Madagascar, Idées Madagascar NGO, and Hennessy Café. In 2020, he also worked with the Alliance Française Taolagnaro and the French High School of Antananarivo for various projects. Yet all this is only part of PONK's incredible know-how. His talent and ability to visualize realities of life and then reproduce them, whether on papers, walls, or canvas, make PONK unrivaled.

To bring out the artist in kids, PONK has chosen to work with ALFA Madagascar or African Leader for Africa (ALFA) since they have already performed a few projects together such as painting in public schools. This time, they intend to work further on an artistic and cultural project which aims at developing children's creativity and helping them to strengthen themselves and express their vision of the world that surrounds them.

On this occasion, an educational program for children aged 10-13 has been developed. The project is already part of ALFA's educational component as well. It will be accompanied by a set of environment-related activities. In short, this collaboration seeks to give art a positive image and to develop youngest children's potential.

What is on the agenda?

The project runs from June 1st to June 18th every Tuesday and Friday and will involve five to six staff members.  PONK and ALFA Madagascar have chosen a school in Alasora as the beneficiary of the program. About 35 Grade Eight children will receive a drawing course. The objective is to raise awareness about the world children are currently living in and to give them an idea of the future of humanity.

PONK and ALFA Madagascar have also included environmental education activities. Children will be asked to create and present 30-minutes long stories relating the benefits of a safe environment, the negative effects of environmental degradation, and environmental protection activities.

PONK and ALFA Madagascar expect beneficiary children to be aware of the effects of environmental degradation and to be ready to take action, even the smallest ones wherever they live.

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