Do you believe in the messages behind mirror and reversed hours?

Friday, 02 April 2021
This is how double mirror hours look like This is how double mirror hours look like Mirror Hour

Have you ever experienced strange phenomenon like when you raise your eyes to watch the clock and you notice the hour and the minutes reflect the same numbers or point to reversed hours? Furthermore, could that be a coincidence to repeatedly come across such similarity and synchronicity in time and number?

There are people who believe that their guardian angels want to communicate with them and that they try to send them divine messages, whereas for some these are only a cock-and-bull story. Somehow, whether it is true or not, such a phenomenon remains a mystery and as it is so, it needs to be unraveled and solved.

What are mirror and reversed hours trying to tell us?

By definition, a “Mirror hour” is an hour with double figures made up of numbers which match those of the minutes, 12:12 for instance. Instead, a “reversed hour” shows two numbers inverted, like in 12:21. Both mirror and reversed hours may be interpreted like a heavenly sign. When people see regularly similar or reversed numbers when looking at the time, it may be believed that there is a spiritual force like a God, an angel or a divinity who wants to convey a message to them. In this case, they feel like they need to pay close attention. As a matter of fact, it is sometimes associated with a sort of calling for a divine mission. Yet, be careful since it may be a kind of warning sign as well. At the same time, as it occurs at any time and unexpectedly, it can be tied to both numerology and astrology according to which it may be equally interpreted. Here are some examples of mirror and reversed hours with their respective meanings:

12:12. If you see this double figure featuring the number 12 more than once, it may probably not be a coincidence because this mirror hour 12:12 is assumed to be loaded with great mystical symbol. It is linked to the sacred texts of the three main monotheistic religions: Jewish, Christian and Islam. In fact, this mirror has a strong connection with spirituality. As such, its significance with the Guardian Angels shows that you have a close link with the spiritual world through which you have acquired a certain insight or clairvoyance that enable you to enhance your divinatory arts. The guardian angel corresponding with 12:12 is Aniel. He symbolizes bravery and the divinity. In numerology, 12 plus 12 equal 24, a number that is considered a positive symbol. If you took on a project requiring rude efforts and you continue to perceive this mirror hour, that means your efforts are going to pay off soon and be hugely fruitful.

12:21 is a reversed mirror hour that also has its own significance. Indeed, it holds a specific message to the person who comes across it more often. The message the guardian angel named Haamiah wants to convey is to warn the person of some bad people around him or her and to advise to avoid such toxic people. However, Haamiah also wants to ensure concerned people that he is always there to help them assert themselves and enjoy life. As far as the numerology is concerned, this reversed mirror which gives 33 in a total value has been found to have very powerful energies. It says that it is a number that instills courage, optimism and enthusiasm. Therefore, no matter what the person may undertake and despite what people may inflict on him/her, he/she is blessed, loved, and supported. He/she can always count on the valued support of his/her guardian angel.

These are only examples, but there are still many numbers – either mirror or reversed hours – that hold each specific messages. It is up to you to see if you want to believe or not and if you feel like wanting to check their meanings.



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