How to raise independent children.

Thursday, 22 July 2021
How to raise independent children. picture by Pixabay

The way parents talk to their children is the single greatest factor in shaping their personalities and their independence. Raising happy, healthy and self-confident children is a much more difficult job than it seems, but by gum, it is possible. According to some study, there are certain ways that parents respond to and interact with their children which help to ensure their success in life.

•    First thing first, one of the most helpful tips parents with independent children do is to ensure their children have rules. Children need rules within which they can grow. Most of the time, parents tend to establish communication, discipline and obedience without coming across as a third world dictator. Some parents make the mistake of trying to be friends with their children or not establishing firm guidelines because they fear their children will resent them for it. However, kids want to be cared, nurtured, and taught. Subconsciously, children expect their parents to provide a set of guidelines so they will have some structure and stability in their lives.

•    Empower children to make their own decisions. When children can make differences between what the rewards and the punishments are, for any given situation, children will build self-confidence through making their own decisions. Soon after, they will be able to take good initiatives; they will be empowered to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions. They need parents’ love, care, guidance and direction. Mutually, parents also need their kids to listen to them and to follow the home-established rules so that they both can take advantage.

•    Talk to children in a certain manner. The way parents talk to their children is the single greatest factor in shaping their children’s personalities and independence. The foundation of self-confidence or independence is self-esteem which is defined as how much a person loves and respects oneself. When children grow up, they have no self-concept, they have no idea of themselves. They take on their whole beliefs about themselves from the way the most important people in their lives—their mother and father—treat them. Hence, if parents want to have a great impact on their children, constantly they are encouraged to feed their kids positive reinforcement by lessen criticism. Based on several searches, destructive and negative criticism is seen as the greatest destroyer of personalities in the world. Here is the key, always tell them how wonderful they are, always build them up and be understanding when they are going through hard times sometimes.

Sources: Psychology Today, Defend Innocence, Girl Scouts, Mind Champs, Mayo Clinic

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