Tsanta Randriamihajasoa, a multi-instrumentalist young man and 2018 One Beat alumna.

Thursday, 15 July 2021
Tsanta Randriamihajasoa with his "Marovany" Tsanta Randriamihajasoa with his "Marovany"

Tsanta Randriamihajasoa is a 23-year-old instrument virtuoso. At his very young age, he already works as a professional musician and plays diverse instruments including Valiha, flute, guitar, trumpet, organ, drums, piano, cello, sax, and accordion. At the same time, he is a composer, a producer, an arranger, a performer, and a band leader. He has already performed with different great artists and musicians like Fanja Andriamanantena, Fanaiky, Joel Rabesolo, Nicolas Vatomanga, TGC, GMMC and Meva gospel. Music – jazz in particular – has no secret to this very talented young man. He always joined the lineup for Madajazzcar festival and has toured with jazz stars. In 2018, he was selected for a cultural exchange program called “One beat”.

AMCHAM: When did your career as a professional musician start?

TSANTA: Son of musicians, I started music at a very young age. My professional career took off when I was only 11. I first played within family music band named “Sodiala”, led by my father. We performed traditional Malagasy and world music. Sodiala means “Solofo Dimbin’ny Ala” – or “heir”. Later at 15y.o., I seized the opportunity to fly on my own. Since then, I have embraced a wide variety of music and made it my career.

AMCHAM: Tell us briefly about “One Beat” program.

TSANTA: One Beat is one of the opportunities that were offered to me. It is a cultural exchange program provided by the U.S. Department of State and produced by “Found Sound Nation”and “Bang on a Can”. Each year since 2012, these music organizations select 25 outstanding musicians around the world. For the first time, Madagascar was chosen for the seventh edition. We were initially more than 1,000 participants andI thank God I was among the 25 selected.

AMCHAM: Tell us about your experience as One Beat participant.

TSANTA: Flying to the US wasa brand new experience to me and was my first time. It was a dream come true. This six-week program along the east coast of the US made me realize how important diversity is. Everything was new to my eyes and my ears. It was a pleasant atmosphere and a delightful moment! The reason why we were there was to share our music experience and to exchange with others regardless of where they come from, since we all came from different countries.

AMCHAM: How does it feel to represent Madagascar at the international level?

TSANTA: I would say that it was uplifting and thriving. Representing my country for an international program like One Beat was a source of great pride. At the same time, it feels like the more I attended the program and connect with participants, the bigger my commitment and efforts became. My goal for One Beat was to finally bring to light Madagascar and its music. Malagasy musical instruments deserve to be known. I came with a typically Malagasy instrument called “MAROVANY” and it was highly appreciated. 

The full PDF version of the magazine is available for free download (here).

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