The benefits of cartoons in leveraging kids’ social and learning skills.

Saturday, 24 July 2021
Cartoons produced by Disney often convey morals like love and courage. Cartoons produced by Disney often convey morals like love and courage.

Cartoons play essential part in children’s growth, whether it is in terms of emotion, relationship and education. They are undoubtedly the most popular entertainment meant for kids. The rise of the industry of animated films over a century pushes more and more children to watch cartoons and learn more from them.

As children grow up, they start making new discoveries and want to know everything. They are definitely shaped by what they are used to seeing and hearing around them. Childhood is a critical stage that helps construct the personhood of any younger children. As a parent, making your kid’s childhood successful is not always an easy work and some parents struggle in many aspects. This is why they need to bring out new approaches using various teaching methods and valuable life lessons for their kids, like cartoons.

It is undoubtedly true that using cartoons as a part of educating kids has both its positive and negative sides. Yet, they remain useful. So, cartoons are seen as one of the best and appropriate learning methods for young children. Not only do they contribute to their full personal development but also allow them to be socially integrated, since these animated movies teach them how to deal with people and certain situations. Here are how cartoons can be beneficial for kids and help them increase their social and learning skills:

• By watching cartoons, kids develop cognitive skills which allow them to boost their logic and problem-solving ability, their visual and auditory processing, and their attention.

• Watching cartoons makes kids bilingual or multilingual. Cartoons can expose kid learners to a wide variety of languages, thus likely raising their linguistic ability.

• With cartoon shows, children are more likely to release their creative mind and build an imaginative power. Thus, they become more and more inspired to create new things based on the cartoon they watch.

• Cartoons are helpful for providing opportunity for self-expression and developing positive attitude among kid learners.

• Through cartoon shows, kids learn lessons and morals which are very important things. Every good cartoon holds a special purpose with moral subjects behind it that give the kid new knowledge and encourage them to keep learning.

By keeping in mind the last point, it is important to note that cartoons are not only made for children, but for everyone. Cartoons convey life lessons that everyone need to grasp. Animated movies based on fairy tales produced by Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks, for instance, teach us about love, courage, patience and success. Anyway, parents must remain cautious as more and more cartoons are now designed for older audience.

Sources: Kern Pioneer/ “Cartoons in language teaching and learning”, Ms. Sajna. C, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 119, No. 12, 2018.

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